In addition to the main schedule there will be workshops. More speakers and workshop facilitators will be announced. Until the schedule is ready, changes can be made.

Registration & Breakfast

Welcome to 7A Posthuset or our digital venue. Register for the conference and grab some breakfast.



Tommy Marshall and Veronica Wallström will welcome you to this year’s conference and introduce Ami Hemviken, our moderator.

Palmsalen 20min


A toilet break? Or just some time to shake your legs!

Orangeriet 20min

Warning! Stereotypes in design

Linda Stenmark

Palmsalen 20min


It's time to get a cup of coffee and socialize!

Orangeriet 30min

Great experience for everyone

Moa Bogren

Palmsalen 20min


Lunch is served! Find some new friends and connections and enjoy your meal.

Orangeriet 70min

Designing trustable AI

Ahmed Aly

Palmsalen 20min

Made you read - testing for privacy copy people understand

Benni Kluge & Ane Sharma

Palmsalen 20min

An accessible design - how to get started?

Maria Pustynnik & Linnea Berggren

Palmsalen 20min


Turn around and talk to the people around you. Or just take a short walk!

Orangeriet 20min

Innovation - How to walk the talk

Sofie Lindblom

Palmsalen 70min


Time to refill those coffee mugs and perhaps eat some cookies?

Orangeriet 30min

A sneak peak from a blindness perspective

Joakim Centervik

Palmsalen 20min


Our moderator Ami Hemviken will round up the conference with us.

Palmsalen 20min

After Conference

Now we will move over to the Orangeriet for our after conference.

Orangeriet 240min


During the day there will be two workshop slots with groups of 20-30 people. You can pick and choose any workshop that you wish to participate in (First come, first served).

UX Writing for Designers

Aminata Grut

The Xperience Room 40min

Conduct research more effectively!

Kim Feenstra Kuiper

The Process Room 40min

Gamify the shopping experience

Björn Rutholm

The Xperience Room 60min

We hope to see you on the 11th of November.