The Language of Care

SXC is collaborating with the Stockholm UX writing and content design meetup that starts at 18.00 when the conference ends. The meetup will be streamed at the conference venue, so you can choose to go to the after-conference or listen in - why not both?!

What role does language play as we build systems of community care for users of our services, as well as those in and around the ecosystem of our services, including ourselves?

As writers and designers, it's important for us to center care for our users in our work. We need to show extra sensitivity in areas like health care, personal finance, and even customer service. And at the same time, we’re also expected to endure situations that lead to burnout. What happens when we as workers aren’t being cared for, or caring for one another?

Join us for a series of talks about how we can use language to cultivate and nurture care in many forms. This means not only creating caring experiences with and for users, but also building solidarity and community care within our teams, and among the many communities we belong to.

What does care actually look like, and how do we strengthen the link between caring words and caring actions?

Candi Williams / Head of Content Design, Bumble

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Rosa Vieira de Almeida / UX Writer

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Mara Klein Clarke / Founder of the Abortion Support Network

It's not controversial at all: my 20 years as an abortion funder

Robin Forrester / UX Writer, Kry/Livi

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Michael Conlon, Humanist Celebrant, former charity CEO and Board member of The Digital Hub Dublin

A Brief on Grief: The language of grief; meeting people where they’re at